Linkou Campus News

Question and Answer

  • When will we move? 請問何時遷校

    Detailed building design, permits and quality construction will take 3 years. If all the permits are granted in a timely manner we should be able to move in 2019.


  • Where is the new campus located? 新校地在哪裡?

    It’s located in New Taipei City, Linko District, Shin-Lin Section, # 775 lot. Please see map.

    新校地位於新北市林口區新林段775地號: 地圖

  • When can we see the new property? 我們什麼時候可以看到新校地?

    There will be an all-school groundbreaking ceremony, but before that there will be a video on Facebook and tours for the student council & PAC. There will probably also be a community forum and parent survey to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Several parents and students will also be on the facility planning committee.


  • What will the new campus look like? 新校區外觀

    Here are some sketches done by the architect. 建築師設計()

    aerial-picture-english linkou campus campus-small

  • Why do we need to relocate to a larger property? 為什麼我們需要搬遷到一個更大的校地

    The Board has heard Bethany parents’ requests for a high school. That is the most compelling reason to search for a larger campus.


  • Could the high school be on the new campus and K-8 continue in the current location?

    It’s much more efficient for K-12 to share the athletic field, gym, sports field, cafeteria, library, music and language teachers, busing programs, and Principal. Locating all the grades on one campus promotes a family atmosphere (older students helping younger students) and transportation for families with children in several grades.

    K-12年級共同使用學校資源是較符合經濟效益的,如: 操場、體育館、體育設施、餐廳、圖書館、音樂及語文師資、校車、及校長。所有年級在同一個校區同時也能營造大家庭的氛圍 (高年級的學生可以協助低年級的學生),而且方便家長接送在不同年級就讀的孩子。

  • Could high school classes be added in a building close to the current campus?

    Quality high school programs require lots of space for athletics and arts. The existing gym and outdoor space is already used to capacity. Sharing facilities and personnel between two small campuses is very inefficient. Also, facilities rental in this area is very expensive.


  • Is there any possibility of leasing unused (closed) public school land in Taipei City?
    是否有可能租賃在台北市已不用 (或已經關閉) 的公立學校土地?

    More than 10 years ago, the Board asked the Superintendent to search for leasable property in the greater Taipei area that is at least 6000 ping and accessible by public transportation. During this long period of time we have researched many properties. AIT, AmCham and even the President Office sent letters in our behalf to the Taipei city government. Unfortunately, every one of these overtures ended up with the red tapes in different government offices. Taipei City Mayor Hau is supportive of Bethany staying in Taipei City, but in October 2013 he told us clearly that it’s impossible for Taipei City to close down any public school for a foreign school.


  • What about transportation between this Linko property and current Bethany campus?

    It normally takes within 30 minutes to drive from Bethany to the Linko property. The school would arrange for school bus between Roosevelt Road and Linko. This Linko property is close to the Airport MRT line.


  • What new programs would be offered with a larger campus? 較大的校區可以提供什麼新的課程方案?

    The Taipei high school program would have distinctives similar to the new high school in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung Campus will celebrate their first graduating class in 2016. Refer to the online comparison of Taichung and Kaohsiung courses, athletics, performing groups, student life, and scholastic competitions.