Exploratory Courses

At Morrison Academy, students not only get to try academic courses, but also courses for their enjoyment, enriching their lives, and broadening their personal interests.  Students in elementary all participate in the same visual and performing arts such as art, choir, band, and orchestra. Starting in middle school, Morrison Academy Taipei students will be able to choose the classes that interest them from a variety of exploratory course options. Just as the art and music classes offered in elementary help to develop and nurture student’s interests and skills, the courses offered at the middle school level are meant to give students opportunities to expand their interests and hobbies.

The school provides these exploratory learning experiences for students so they can have opportunities for hands-on, inquiry-based learning. At Morrison, students not only get an academically rigorous curriculum but also the development of personal character and strong social skills. With a diversity of experiences, Morrison students have the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals.