Amy Markham400

Bearing Fruit

Amy has three children at Bethany. When her family was moving to Taiwan, 2 reputable international schools tried to recruit her children, but she insisted on coming to Bethany and this is why: “Before we came to Taiwan, my children went to a prestigious bilingual Montessori international school. They had good academics, but I felt that something was missing and it felt hollow. They were taught virtues, but I did not see the fruit of those virtues in my children’s lives. Eventually, the inappropriate behaviors of the students in the school gave me a wake up call – I need to put my kids in a Christian school.

When we came to Taiwan, I turned 2 other international schools down and sent my children to Bethany. We were immediately welcomed by a warm community here, which was very helpful to my difficult transition to Taiwan. Having been here for a year, I am already seeing the fruits of the Spirit in my children’s lives. My son loves to attend RG, the youth group at Bethany. He would even do devotions on his own and study the Bible. When they see their siblings doing something wrong, they would remind each other to live up to the standard of God. I also see the difference in the Service program at Bethany and at our former international school. The students at Bethany are eager to serve the needy, but many students at the international school just wanted to get their hours done. We are so glad to be at Bethany because this is the place where we get what we want for our children. I don’t think I am sacrificing academics for a Christian education. I am impressed by Bethany’s teachers and academics…Bethany is a great school!”

Amy volunteers frequently at school. She is the leader of our Parents in Touch prayer meeting on Mondays from 8-9am as well as the teacher for our Parent ESL Class.