Love Beyond Barriers

Farough Lily400Ms. Farough (kindergarten teacher) and parent Lily has shown us that love in Christ overcomes the language and culture barrier between people. Ms. Farough and Lily met three years ago when she first started teaching at Morrison Taichung and when Lily’s son entered kindergarten. They were both new and shy. Lily was not confident about her English, so she was terrified of talking to teachers. But Ms. Farough’s love and kindness helped Lily feel at ease. Lily said she felt that she could share her stories with Ms. Farough like a friend would and that Ms. Farough helped her become confident enough to be actively involved in school activites. She now sees Ms. Farough as her own sister and they even went to a pop star concert together. Lily’s family just moved to Taipei this summer. Within two weeks at Bethany, her son had an accident. When Ms. Farough heard about it, she rushed to the hospital to see them, stayed with them for a long time and brought food for them. It almost brought tears to Lily’s eyes to know that she already has a friend in Taipei who cares deeply about her and her family. This strong bond between a teacher and a parent is a great testimony to what the Bethany community is about. Our teachers are here to partner with parents to help students become the best they can be.