Morrison Academy recognizes the universe as God’s special creation. Science is a process that enables us to understand and appreciate this creation and the laws that govern it. Through science, we understand more about the character of God—His creativity, His power, and His desire for order. Science education at Morrison seeks to help students gain knowledge of God and His creation. This is accomplished with an activity-oriented science program and teaches students to think analytically and logically, solve problems creatively, and use technology as a tool. It also endeavors to guide students to become good stewards of the resources that God has created. Our program helps students acquire developmentally appropriate concepts and science skills that ultimately enable them to function as knowledgeable citizens making positive contributions in an increasingly scientific and technological society.

Science Goals for Morrison Academy

  • To recognize God as the Creator
  • To value science as a way of knowing
  • To solve problems using the scientific inquiry method
  • To become scientifically literate
  • To become good stewards of God’s creation

Grade 6

Earth Science
Earth science is a study of the Earth and its processes. Students will become familiar with plate tectonics, the shaping of Earth’s surface, Earth’s structure, energy in the Earth’s system, Earth’s history as well as learn how to function within a science lab. Students will understand essential ideas about the composition and structure of the universe and the Earth’s place within it. Students will also study creation and evolution as it pertains to Earth science.

Grade 7

Life Science
Life science covers the basic concepts of biology. Class content will give students a broad grasp of the topics of cell biology, genetics, structure and function in living systems, classification, and ecology in preparation for further study in high school science courses. There will also be discussions throughout the course on how creation and evolution connect to the study of life science.

Grade 8

Physical Science
Physical science covers the basic concepts of chemistry and physics. Class content will give students a broad grasp of the topics of matter, reactions, the periodic table, energy, force, and motion in preparation for further study in high school science courses. Students will also participate in a problem-solving project as part of this course.

Grade 9

This introductory Biology course provides a foundational study of a wide range of biological concepts. The first semester is primarily focused on cellular biology (organelles, photosynthesis, respiration, protein synthesis) and genetics. The second semester focuses on origins & diversity of living things, ecology, and human body systems.